Request an Free Actuarial Roadmap

Interested in learning more about actuarial science and how it can help your loyalty program?

If you're not quite ready to start an engagement with KYROS, but are curious and would like to learn more, the Actuarial Roadmap is a Free way to get started. 

During this short engagement, KYROS will:

  • Perform an assessment of your current actuarial practices and assumptions (i.e. Breakage, Ultimate Redemption Rate, Customer Lifetime Value)
  • Perform an assessment of your current finance and accounting practices
  • Produce a report benchmarking your program to industry best practices
  • Create an actuarial roadmap outlining a plan to address gaps and capitalize on opportunities

Please fill out the form to request a free Actuarial Roadmap and someone from our sales team will follow up with you shortly.

Request a Free Actuarial Roadmap